Our Story

If you chose one word to describe us, we would want that word to be connections.

That’s because our mission is to be much more than just a company centered around the Instagram influencer sphere. We want to bring something special to every person who uses our platform.

Something exciting.

Something different.

Something that makes you view Instagram as more than ‘just a place to post photos’.

Our vision is to bring collaborations to every Instagrammer regardless of whether their followers total one-thousand or one-million. We believe that this can be accomplished by simplifying the process of collaborating and using our platform to facilitate connections between both nearby influencers, and the brands in their area.

Going beyond our brand’s core feature of collaborations and adding some meaning to the photos posted online. This means connecting users, and helping to strengthen those connections, through the creation of positive experiences and incredible adventures.

My Wander App was founded in 2018 as a platform to facilitate collaborations between influencers. Since its inception, MWA has grown to include a team of dedicated Filmographers, Photographers, Content Creators, and Producers. In a short time, the team has built up a stellar list of collaborations with top 100 DJs, International Brands, and Instagram RockStars.

Our collaboration efforts are currently focused around My Wander App’s LA headquarters but will be expanded as we move farther into 2019.

“The sky’s not the limit, as long as you’re prepared for the ride.”

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